What is Menaflix?

On Menaflix you can watch free +100 live TV channels from the entire middle east. Watch News, Entertainment, Ethnic, Kids, and Music. free.

Will my account work outside my country?

Yes, Menaflix content is available worldwide

I am facing video playback issues. What do I do?

playback issues may be due to poor internet connection. you must have min 3Mbps to watch smooth HD content.

How can I manage notifications?

under my account you can manage your favorite video and watch list.

Supported devices

you can watch Menaflix on Web – browser, mobile ( IOS & Android). in addition you can watch on the following TV devices: 1. Samsung TV 2.LG TV 3. VIDAA (Hisense) 4. Android TV / Amazon Fire TV) 5. TV Operators Linux boxes

Do you have English movies

YES, we do have eSports, Documentary, Music, Travel and Kids content with English dubbing